About GFS

The two main resources for policies related to graduate student and postdoc funding are:

  • The Graduate Academic Policies and Procedures handbook (GAP) is a compilation of university policies and other information related to academic standing and financial support of Stanford graduate students (including non-degree-seeking students).
  • The Research Policy Handbook (RPH) is a collection of policies, guidelines and general information related to the research enterprise at Stanford, under the Office of the Vice Provost and Dean of Research (DOR).  Many of the policies found there apply to all populations served by GFS.

For staff supporting matriculated or non-matriculated graduate students in academic units, your School’s Dean’s Office is often your best source of information and support for funding policy and associated questions. Review the Contacts page to find the appropriate contacts.  For staff outside of these schools, contact the student services officer in the graduate student’s home department for information about local policies and practices.

The following sections detail by population the specific policy resources in those publications plus additional resources.

Graduate Students

For degree-seeking graduate students, in particular, the GAP contains university policies and other information related to academic progress from application and admission to the conferral of degrees and retention of records. Chapter 7, Graduate Student Funding, provides an overview of graduate financial policy and explanations of many types of graduate Fellowships and Assistantships, including academic eligibility and enrollment requirements for each, and the roles of offices across campus.

University policies related to Student Employment, including hourly employment and Assistantships are found in the Administrative Guide, Chapter 10.

The Financial Aid Office presents information for students including the availability of Student Loans and the standard Student Budget. Information about Stanford Support Programs for graduate students is also provided, including the Emergency Grant in Aid Program, Graduate Student Aid Fund, Graduate Family Grant, and Graduate Housing Loans for students living off campus. You will also find a detailed FAQ about the Cardinal Care Subsidy program. The Office of the Vice Provost for Graduate Education (VPGE) also provides competitive funding to support individual doctoral student, student groups, and department-based projects. 

Information about managing funding that graduate students bring to Stanford from outside sources, including Nationally Competitive Fellowships, can be found in Chapter 7.2 of the GAP, as well as from the Financial Aid Office.

Detailed information about Coterminal Student eligibility can be found in the Chapter 4.2 of the GAP

The Financial Aid Office also maintains a detailed FAQ about the Cardinal Care Subsidy program that is suitable for sharing with students.  The University Budget Office has published a resource about Accounting for Increased Graduate Cardinal Care Subsidy.

Postdoctoral Scholars

Postdocs are full-time students at Stanford.  As they are not seeking a degree they are non-matriculated students.  The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs has significant resources available for Postdoctoral Administrators from their website, including Postdoc Funding Guidelines.

Postdoctoral appointments at Stanford are governed by a set of policies found in Chapter 10.3 of the RPH. Appointments are initiated by the faculty sponsor through the departmental administrator.

Chapter 7.4 of the GAP also has a subchapter about supporting Postdoctoral Scholars.

Non-Matriculated Graduate Students

The norm for graduate study at Stanford University is full-time matriculation in a degree program. In some circumstances, it may benefit both the individual and the university to permit qualified individuals to participate in graduate-level courses and/or research as non-matriculated students.

The full Visiting Student Researcher (VSR) policy can be found in RPH 10.7 Visiting Student Researchers.

Chapter 2.3 of the GAP summarizes policy about VSRs as well as non-matriculated students enrolled in courses and non-degree-granting programs.

Chapter 2.4 of the GAP describes Students of New Faculty.  They are managed in the Graduate Aid Entry page of GFS even though they are technically non-matriculated students.  They are the only non-matriculated population that is eligible for Assistantships.

Visiting Postdoctoral Scholars and Visiting Scholars

University policies related to funding for Visiting Postdocs and Visiting Scholars who are NOT funded through GFS (because they are not students) are found in Chapter 10 of the RPH.

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