Deadlines and Information

Winter Quarter 2014-2015

Anticipated Aid/Disbursement

"Anticipated Aid" shown on the student's account in AXESS and on the Stanford ePay bill includes Fellowship Stipend, Fellowship Tuition, and TAL that has been completed and approved in GFS but has not yet disbursed to the student's account. (Note: The student's bill will NOT show anticipated salary.) Winter bills for graduate students were issued on November 20, 2014, by Student Financial Services. Aid completed and approved before that date appears as Anticipated Aid on the student's bill and helps students accurately determine the amount to pay from personal funds. Anticipated Aid on AXESS is updated nightly and is also displayed to students in Stanford ePay under "Current Account Summary". Student account activity is available to staff in AXESS under Student Financials > Charges and payments > STF Account Summary.

Note: GFS aid disbursement to the student's account for the Winter Quarter will begin on Thursday, January 1, 2015. Students, except TGR and Honors Co-op students, must be enrolled in 8 units in order for anticipated aid to disburse to their student account.

Note: Effective January 1, 2015, GFS disbursements for 2014-2015 run nightly. Disbursements for the four prior years (2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011) will automatically run on Fridays.

Stipend and Refund Disbursement

Student Financial Services will begin producing stipends/refunds for Graduate students on Friday, January 2, 2015. Stipends/refunds are processed every Monday (for all terms), and Wednesday and Friday (for 1154 only) for the remainder of the quarter. Please strongly encourage your students to sign up for Direct Deposit to receive their stipends/refunds as quickly as possible, Online Direct Deposit. Direct Deposit refunds reach the student's checking or savings account within 24-48 hours of processing. Paper checks for students without Direct Deposit are mailed to the student’s mailing address.

Effective 2014-2015, any overpayments (ePayments, wires) are held on student accounts to pay future charges. Students may request immediate processing of any "Refund Pending" noted in Stanford ePay by using HelpSU (Request Category: "Student Services", Request Type: "Student Services Center").

Monthly Stipend Disbursement Schedule

Stipend checks with Disbursement Plan of "NM-Payroll" disburse as follows:

The monthly checks will print in time to arrive at departments by the last business day of the month. Direct deposits will be sent to post one day prior to that -

  • If Start Date is anytime in January, the deadline to have the aid line entered and approved is 1/26/15.
  • If Start Date is anytime in February, the deadline to have the aid line entered and approved is 2/23/15.
  • If Start Date is anytime in March, the deadline to have the aid line entered and approved is 3/25/15.

The "NM-Payroll" Disbursement Plan is used for Postdocs and other non-matriculated graduate students.

The "NM-Fee" Disbursement Plan is used for monthly fees on the student bill (e.g., VSR Fees). Completed and approved aid lines will disburse to the student account on the 15th of each month.

Additional information may be viewed at the web:

Payroll Information and Deadlines

All applications for Social Security numbers (SSN) should have been completed, so Payroll will not release Financial Aid to students without an SSN or an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). Aid will be disbursed to students entering the U.S. for the first time due to restrictions on when SSN and ITIN applications can be made. Students are expected to apply for, and provide, an SSN or ITIN as soon as they are able to apply. Information on the application process is available on the Bechtel International Center website.

Students will receive their first paycheck for Winter Quarter Assistantships on January 22, 2015. Assistantship salaries need to be entered and approved in GFS and Workflow by 5 pm on January 15, for students to receive a paycheck on January 22. Payroll deadlines can be viewed at the Financial Management Services website. Please note that students being paid on the alternate quarter dates must have salaries entered and approved by the appropriate deadline.

Late Fee Deadline

Graduate student bills are due January 15, 2015. Any aid from departments needs to be entered, approved and disbursed by midnight on January 15 for the students to avoid late fees.

Health Insurance Subsidy Deadline

For Winter Quarter the deadline is January 15, 2015, by 5 pm, for entering and approving aid in GFS, in order for the student to receive a university-funded Cardinal Care subsidy – this is the same deadline as the Payroll deadline for Assistantship salaries and the Late Fee deadline. If aid is entered and approved after that date due to department oversight, we would expect the responsible department to make a payment from their departmental funds equal to the amount of the subsidy.

University-funded subsidies are processed nightly. The subsidy will be automatically entered after the stipend or assistantship has been approved (by 5 pm on January 15). An inquiry page to view the subsidy status (eligible, ineligible, health waiver) is available at: STF Grad Financial Support > STF Graduate Financial Support > Inquire > Health Subsidy Status. Also, a Report published in, GFS Health Ins Subsidy Rpt (PS_GFS031) is updated nightly and provides information on students who were considered for the Health Insurance Subsidy eligibility and their status.

Reminder - if there is something blocking the disbursement of the student's aid, e.g., non-enrollment or some other kind of hold, this will NOT affect the student's eligibility for the subsidy. However, the subsidy will not disburse to the student's account until the other aid disburses.

For questions about the health insurance subsidy, contact General information about Cardinal Care is on the Vaden Health Center website and information about the subsidy is on the Vaden Health Center: Cost and Coverage Dates webpage.

Oracle Financials PTA (Project, Task, Award) Set Up

Department Oracle Financials PTA (Project, Task, Award) setup may take up to four business days once the PTA request is received by the central office. Once a PTA is set up an Item Type must be created so awards can be made in GFS. Item Type setup requests are processed in GFS nightly. Information about the GFS Item Type Requestor, requesting GFS Item Types, training requirements, and requesting authority for this process can be found at the PeopleSoft at Stanford website.

PeopleSoft at Stanford

Required training modules for the PeopleSoft Functions, Completion Certificates, and PS Authority Grantors are available at the PeopleSoft at Stanford website. Click on the "Online Learning Player Support" for tips on running the training modules. The basic GFS functions are all explained and illustrated in the "GFS Entry" Online Training Module.

GFS Help


For technical problems with GFS data entry or approval, please send a HelpSU ticket. Choose Request Category: "Administrative Applications", Request Type: "PeopleSoft GFS".

In-Person GFS Help - Friday Open Labs

Users who would like personalized help with their GFS questions, or who would like to go through the online training in a lab setting with a knowledgeable user on hand, are encouraged to attend a drop-in lab:

Days: Every Friday morning
Time: 9:00 - Noon
Where: Birch Modular, Lab B, 215 Panama Street

GFS Policy

The GFS Policy is part of the Financial Aid Office website, The information in this email will also be posted on the website, under GFS Deadlines and Information.
For additional information please contact Nancy Child, GFS Trainer, at or (650) 725-8272.

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