Deadlines and Information

Getting Started

1. Aid Year Activation for 2016-2017

We are preparing GFS for 2016-2017 entry and anticipate having the system available for you by Monday, August 1, 2016 at 8 am. Students must be Aid Year Activated for the 2017 Aid Year before aid can be entered.  Aid Year Activation establishes the student's TAL Category and Home Department.  The FAO will batch Aid Year Activate all active students (including PostDocs) before Monday morning.  The batch process assigns TAL Categories based on the student's billing status for Autumn 2016-2017.  Please review the Aid Year Activation for your students; you may still need to update or add Aid Year Activation for students whose status may be changing, e.g. from GR to TGR.  There may also be home department issues for students with active programs in multiple departments.  It is much easier to make Aid Year Activation changes before aid is entered. 

2. Graduate Health Insurance Subsidy

The basics of the Cardinal Care subsidy program will remain the same as this past year.  General information about Cardinal Care is at the Vaden Health Center website and information about the subsidy.  The FAO will begin running the batch process that assigns health insurance subsidies on Monday, August 1, 2016 so students will be able to see the anticipated aid on their student accounts. 

3. Visiting Student Researchers

A reminder about the monthly billing cycle for Visiting Student Researchers - their September charges will appear on their Autumn 2016-2017 student account.  Their September support must be entered in GFS in the 2017 Aid Year to appear correctly on their account. Other categories of non-matriculated students (PostDocs included) still require aid for September to be entered in the Summer term of the 2016 Aid Year.

4. Miscellaneous

  •  Autumn Quarter disbursements to student accounts will begin on Saturday, 9/17/16.  Students, except TGR and Honors Co-op students, must be enrolled in 8 units in order for anticipated aid to disburse to their student account. 
  • Batch Load GFS Aid Entries Tool Reminder
    This process has been developed to allow expert users to enter multiple Fellowship Stipend (STP), Fellowship Tuition (TUT), and Assistantship Salary (AST) aid lines by uploading an excel spreadsheet rather than entering aid lines manually in GFS one by one.  After loading, aid lines will be visible in the GFS Aid Entry page in Pending status.  As with manual entry of aid lines, students must be correctly Aid Year Activated and all Item Types must be set up to successfully complete this process.  The same rules apply to both manual entry and to the Batch Load GFS Aid Entries process.  The Job Aid for the Batch Load GFS Aid Entries tool is posted on the GFS Policy website, under GFS Job Aids & Handouts
  • The "GFS Deadlines for Autumn Quarter" message will be sent at the end of August.

5. GFS Help


For technical problems with GFS data entry or approval, please submit a HelpSU ticket - use the File a GFS HelpSU Ticket button on the GFS Policy website or go to HelpSU, choose Request Category: "Administrative Applications", Request Type: "PeopleSoft GFS".

In-Person GFS Help - Friday Open Labs 

Users who would like personalized help with their GFS questions, or who would like to go through the online training in a lab setting with a knowledgeable expert on hand, are encouraged to attend a drop-in lab:
         Days:  Friday morning – every other week
         Time:  9:00 - Noon
         Where:  Birch Modular, Lab B, 215 Panama Street  

GFS Policy Website

Reference the GFS Policy website for additional information.

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